Friday, March 4, 2011

A -Woefully Incomplete- Cast of Characters

     I am on Spring Break! On a six hour bus today from Philadelphia to Boston, I really don't have the time to cook. Oh no! But don't worry, I will not abandon you to boredom if you happen to be reading today. Instead, I thought I would introduce you to some of the people in my life. These are the people I poll about what I should cook and when I should cook. They are my taste tasters, my cheerer up-ers and helper on-ers when I am agonizing over what pictures to post because they are all fuzzy or how I am possibly going to get the blog done before midnight. They are in no particular order, I just went with the flow, and many many people are missing - mainly because they are never around when I have a camera! So, here we go:

     Starting with one of my most culinarily inclined friends: This is NO, who cooks the best Nigerian food around. Of course, I haven't had any other Nigerian food to compare, but her food is really pretty delicious. She is also a fellow experimenter in creating new dishes, and she came up with the most amazing hot wings recipe the other day, with me taste testing along of course.

     Frequently polled for my blog, this is my not-quite-hipster friend BJG who made brownies for his girlfriend (my roommate AT) for Valentine's Day. Yay for him discovering the ease of baking!

     This is him trying to measure 1/4 of a cup of oil. His measuring cup, from what I heard, is a magical measuring cup. Apparently, even when you have 1/3 of a cup and then pour out half of it, there remains 1/3 of a cup. Our friend PVL examined this phenomenon closely, and I'm really sad because the picture of the two of them scrutinizing measuring cup in above position got deleted in my purge of my Pictures folder. It's ok though, I still have the below:

     PVL is most profound. He is a baker of key lime pies, and sometimes key lemon pies. He is also a diligent tv-watcher on the computer and a fellow fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway," which is just the best show ever. Lastly, he is a most necessary helper outer when it is 11:55 pm, and I keep forgetting that I still haven't finished writing my blog post for the day! (Also, doesn't he look like the Blue Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland?)

     And this is RG! BJG's and PVL's other roommate. 

     She has been a helpful taster of all my pork chop dishes. It is always nice to have someone to share a chop of katsu - or two- at midnight. I am sad that the corner of the picture is orange because now it does not do her justice. But still, she is a most wonderful fellow chemistry-studier and food-eater and person who is actually happy for me every time I tell her I have gotten five new views from one new country! 

      And, last but most importantly, this is PN. She is my official taste tester of everything and a great recipient of all foods. I think she is now in 90% of my blog posts. She is also the amazing owner of the camera which I need to upload the pictures for this blog, so I bother her every day to upload upload upload. And she still bears with me. Yay! Note her enjoying my pho, and helping me prepare it. What would I do without her? But most importantly, note her enjoying cake! Even though she doesn't have as much of a sweet tooth as me, she always helps me out with my late night finishing of baked goods.

      So, these are just a few of the people in my life. I hope you enjoyed meeting them! I will be back cooking and posting recipes from tomorrow, safe in home-sweet-home Boston, MA. 

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