Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Have Been Bad

     I know I have been bad. I have not posted for how many days? Since Saturday. What kind of blogger am I! But don't worry, I haven't been secretly eating well and not telling you about it. Here is a full list of my meals from yesterday: omelette, peanut butter and jelly, pepperoni pizza hot pocket, and a grilled cheese. Yup, not hiding anything from you.

Guess what I made?
     But, now I am BACK! Why did I take so long? Well, I had an exam on Friday and then one on Monday, so I did not go grocery shopping over the weekend. I was going to wait till this weekend because of the whole class till 5, work till 9 thing. But, I just could not live without food any longer - I mean look at what I ate yesterday! So I did the only thing a sensible person would do. I skipped class today to go grocery shopping. Yay! And this means means, we are back to blogging!

Artistic Lime
     Now, it's ironic that what I am actually posting today has nothing to do with my groceries. It has to do with the fact that I got out of lab an Hour and a Half early. How amazing is that? So I came home and another amazing miracle happened: my roommate was home! For those who do not know, the reason my roommate AT is rarely mentioned on this blog is because she works at the newspaper from 5 pm to 2 am - or later - every single day. It is craziness. But it also means she is never around to cook / eat with me! Except today.

     She also happens to the be the proud owner of three avocados (formerly four before she ate one) brought from California by BJG. As they are getting increasingly mushy due to her ridiculous work schedule, we took this chance to make guacamole with them!

     This is what making guacamole entails: Spooning the avocado out from the avocados (there must be a better way to say that) while trying not to eat any, adding some lime juice and some salt and some pepper, realizing there is too little lime juice so adding more, and then realizing there is too much lime so we need to use another avocado (originally we were only using two), adding more salt and pepper...and eating all the while. It also involves making lime people if you are my roommate:

     So, then we had guacamole. I mean what can I possibly say about it? It tastes like summer and delicious mexican food and liminess and tanginess and softness, and it is a very good thing we had chips to eat it with or we would have just eaten it all up with our very large spoons. Enjoy fresh homemade guacamole once in a while, it is no effort at all and it will be so worth it! Also, I will be posting again very very very soon! Thanks for not giving up on me (again).


3 Very Ripe mid-sized Avocados 
1 Lime 
1 tsp Salt 
1/2 tsp Pepper 

Cut your avocados in half, take out the seed, and use a spoon to scoop the avocado meat (?) into a medium bowl. Use a knife to cut it into smaller pieces (if you would like), or just use a fork (or spoon) to mush the avocados until they are as smooth or chunky as you would like them. Roll the lime on a flat surface (to get its juices moving), cut it in half, and squeeze juice into the avocados. Then, sprinkle in the salt and pepper. I was sprinkling, so the measurements are approximate: you should season to your taste. Mix everything all together, and enjoy! 

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