Sunday, March 13, 2011

On Vacation

     I'm sorry everybody. I missed my first two days of blogging Friday and yesterday. I didn't cook, and I didn't post. I don't even plan to cook today. Are you ashamed of me? I couldn't help it. Sometimes, you need a vacation from everything you have to do. Even if those things are cooking and writing, and you love to do both. But, Friday was my last day at home, and yesterday I was on a bus till 10 at night. It's okay if I rest right?

Restful picture of fruit.
     Still, I am not leaving you with nothing to read. Today, I thought I would show you a little bit of what I was up to while at home and taking a break from the internet.

     Basically, what I have been up to is eating my mother's food. My mother is a very good cook, and the only reason my recipes make any sense. Last night, we had fried chicken and sweet potato fries and honeyed carrots. Yum. Sorry, I was not going to stop and take pictures. Today I had this chicken with the fresh pasta. She is also making paneer (Indian cottage cheese). Too bad it was time for me to leave the house, and I couldn't get any. But you can't have everything, right?

Milk and curdling and after some time delicious foods will appear!
     I have also been hanging out with my lovely brother, who you have seen rather a lot of recently. We have been playing Caram on our lovely caram board! Do you know what caram is? You flick a striker (that larger purple disk) across this board to hit the white and black pieces into one of the four nets in the corner of the board. Most fun.

     I think, I might take a day off of cooking tomorrow too. Don't look at me that way, I need to grocery shop in Philly before I can cook anything! And, I'm tired. But, don't worry, I have a lovely post all prepared to make you jealous of me for getting to be in Boston and eat delicious foods. I will be cooking and back in the swing of things soon, so don't give up on me. Thanks for still reading! 

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