Sunday, May 1, 2011

Excuses Excuses

Dear Hearts,

     I promised myself ever since I started this blog that I would make some kind of provisions for finals week. I would cook a lot before hand and set the posts to automatically be published, so I wouldn't have to deal with them. I would be studying far enough in advance that I would have time to have at least a couple of posts, to cook one or two things, take pictures, and write.

     Fail. No cooking (lots of scrambled eggs and take-out). No picture taking. No writing. Two exams on Tuesday and one on Thursday, and poor physics for Thursday hasn't even been Looked at due to the other two. Sigh. I promise a flurry of activity in the future but right now? No no.

     So, enjoy your week, good luck for your own finals if you have them, and I will be back on Thursday (or Friday...I also have to pack! and leave Philadelphia! time is moving so ridiculously fast.)


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