Wednesday, May 11, 2011


     Kind of. I'm actually go to France and then India, have I told you?

     Let me tell you now: I am going to PARIS. Then, I am going to Brussels and Amsterdam. THEN I am going to Normandy. I am returning to Paris and then flying out to BOMBAY. It gets better. I have a summer home, on the beach. Mhm. Then, I get to go to Delhi and mooch off the best relatives in the world and get stuffed with food. Anything else? I'm traveling with lovely friends, two different sets of friends in fact (France and India) so I won't have time to miss anyone. AND I'm gone till JULY. Yes people, I fly out today and I'm gone till July 1.

     So, what does this mean for the blog? Well, I won't be able to post so often. Are you rolling your eyes considering how long it's been since I last posted...? I promise when I come home in July and am settled, I will cook all the time. Just between school ending, my three GREAT science finals in the space of three days (sarcasm....), packing up my apartment, driving back to Boston, trying to see all my friends who are home, unpacking and packing for France...well I haven't done any cooking.

     I probably won't be cooking much in France or India anyway. But, various people (Hi AN!) have suggested that I turn this into a travel blog and just write about what I eat...pastry eating blog? I could do that (see Paris Patisseries on my sidebar who is already doing that and has far better pictures of pastries than I ever will...). And of course, if I do ever cook, I will try to post about it. But, I don't know when I will have internet, and I'm not taking my laptop. Still if ever I am at an internet cafe, someone's house,'s house...I will write to you! See you soon from Paris!

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