Sunday, October 23, 2011



     I thought I would give you some pictures of Montreal. Just to get you through a lazy Sunday...because it was beautiful while I was there and it seems a shame not to share. Up there I caught CV reading, he is in the center.

    All of these pictures are from Parc du Mont Royal, where every Sunday during nice weather Tam-tams happens. Tam-tams is a drum circle where anyone who wants to can bring a drum, join in, and play. Isn't that such a great idea? So many cool rhythms were going on!

     Meanwhile, there are also vendors selling things, people slacklining and live-action-role-playing (see the crusaders below), and just hanging out all over the park.

     There was also this really cool poster all about life and the different ways to look at and experience life. I wish I'd had time to read all of it, but it was so hard to focus on any one thing with all the interesting quotations and messages all over it.

     As you can tell, there were a lot of people the Sunday I went. Probably everyone was enjoying the last summery day Montreal may have in a long time.

        But it was still very peaceful and beautiful in the park even with all the people.

     I hope you still have nice weather wherever you are, whether it is still keeping its summer sun or finally edging into autumn.

     It is always nice to go out and enjoy the beautiful days while you can! I hope you are getting a chance to.

Love, SS

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