Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome Back


     I suppose this is really a welcome back to myself. I have taken a rather long fact I didn't mean to take a break at all. I had all sorts of recipes and posts to put up before Thanksgiving...and during Thanksgiving...and this week. But, being at home makes me so internet-free. So lazy and comfortable and able to have a good time that well, I hope you forgive me for not blogging.

     All I've brought you back from home (that would be Boston!) today is this croquembouche I constructed with my mom to take to Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle's place. Isn't it a beauty? Ricotta pastry cream stuffed cream puffs covered in chocolate ganache and then....well and then drizzled with more chocolate. Yum yum yum. I hope your Thanksgiving was just as enjoyable as mine, and I will have a new recipe tomorrow! Huzzah.

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