Monday, April 11, 2011


     Something has gone wrong. A glitch has entered my smooth sailing. My plans have been thrown for a loop.

     The Stove is Smoking.

     What does it all mean? Last night, DL was baking cookies. The oven was fine, the first batch came out lovely. I was sitting, quietly studying for my chem exam, and suddenly I looked up.

     "Does the air look smokey to you?" I asked.
     DL looked around, as though seeing it for the first time."Yes."

     We ran to open windows and doors. Making sure the smoke detector doesn't go off trumps figuring out what's wrong, every time. Finally, we reached the stove. Smoke was billowing (OK not billowing - but definitely issuing in streams) out of the righthand back burner.

     I started fanning away at it with an oven mitt. DL started doing the same. My conscientious neighbor looked into the apartment and asked what was wrong. He got us the emergency maintenance number, I called and left a message.

     Oh the adventures we have at 1 am at night!

     Long story short, I can't cook. I have poor mise en place sitting in the fridge, waiting for the maintenance people to fix whatever is going on so I can use the stove in good consciousness once more. Meanwhile, I got to eat out for lunch. That's always fun. AND it's 80 degrees out and Gorgeous so I really shouldn't be allowed to have any complaints. I have plenty of excuses not to cook today. I will just leave you with this. Even though I took this picture last year, you get the general idea of what campus looks like in April:

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